Oracular Theater
Journey to the Oracle: Awakening Mary

Oracular Theater is the vehicle to share the Ancient Oracular Tradition with a modern audience.

In this unique combination of lecture and ritual performance, we learn the History of the Oracle in Ancient Greece, and in other cultures including Tibetan Nechung Oracle. 

Descriptions of what an actual visit to the Oracle of Delphi in Greece looked like will help us prepare for participation in the re-creation of a modern Journey to the Oracle. 

The origins of theater and the ways theater is uniquely able to host these ancient practices will be discussed as individuals gathered "willingly suspend disbelief" and directly encounter the Diety's  presence through the Oracle.  

The history of Lisa Sloan's personal encounter and  the presence of Mary will be shared, along with Mary's purpose at this time in history.  The group will then prepare questions both personal and collective to take to Mary.

Then, the audience will make its journey, the way the ancients did, to ask the Oracle for guidance and healing for self and for the world. 

Journey to the Oracle: Awakening Mary is the creation of Lisa Sloan and is presented under special agreement with Actors Equity Association.

Oracular Theater has as its larger vision individual and world peace and envisions performances in sacred sites around the world.