The Oracular Tradition

The Oracular Tradition, from an historical perspective, has existed in many cultures, for thousands of years. 

The Oracle at Delphi in Greece was a sacred site for spiritual Guidance from the Oracle for over a thousand years.

The Nechung Oracle of Tibet is an 800 year old tradition and state sponsored. The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government consults the Oracle at important times of year and for help in decision making.

Our Modern emphasis on Scientific Knowledge, and "evidence based" techniques has discarded  ways of knowing that connect us with Sacred knowledge that is embedded in the subtle body of all creation. 

The Center for Oracular Studies values the ancient wisdom of Oracular Traditions and seeks to bring it forward to illuminate the co-creative potential between ourselves and the subtle voices of the world, nature, and the spiritual realms in ways that can help us gain harmony and peace in these challenging times.

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